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Schedule: Spring 2024

Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, February 6th at Union Congregational Church, 176 Cooper Ave., Montclair, NJ. They will continue weekly through Tuesday, April 2nd. Rehearsals will run from 8 pm until 10 pm; we will open early at 7:30 pm for the first rehearsal so that singers can purchase music. Prospective new members can register for membership or borrow music to "try us out" at this rehearsal, but either way please plan to arrive at 7:30 pm.

During concert week, we will rehearse on Tuesday, April 9th and Friday, April 12th from 7 pm until 10 pm at UCC. The concert performance will be at 8:00 pm on Saturday, April 13th at UCC, call time at 7:00 pm.

Covid Protocols

The Board has determined that masks will be optional for both rehearsals and the concerts. We will continue to monitor the situation and act in case conditions change.

Membership Info

Auditions are NOT required, the ability to read music is extremely beneficial. Full year dues remain at $75 and half-year dues are $40. Cost for music this Spring will be confirmed before the first rehearsal.

Rehearsal Aids - Audio, Video and Music Notes

Rehearsal Notes:

To be added after rehearsals have begun - these catalog all of the markings to our scores Dr. Szabo will have us make in order to enhance the performance

SPRING 2024 Sandor Notes WILLIAMS and RAMIREZ through 20240220


Pronunciation Guide, Misa Criola (thanks Patricia Sarro!)

Rehearsal Recordings​:

Playlist: Spring 2024 Rehearsals - YouTube

Voice part-specific rehearsal tracks:

Vaughan Williams: Five Mystical Songs (Choralia)

Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music (Choralia)

Ramirez: Misa Criola (Choralia)

Sample performance videos:

Vaughan Williams, Five Mystical Songs - The Choirs of Jesus College Cambridge (

Serenade to Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams - YouTube

Misa Criolla, Ariel Ramirez--UCLA Choirs, conducted by Rebecca Lord (

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