Meet & Greet Sing

Tuesday, September 15th, 6:30 pm

Join us for our Meet & Greet Sing on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30 pm in the parking lot at First Lutheran Church on Park Street in Montclair.

The program is scheduled from 6:30-7:30.  Everyone is expected to wear a mask and observe social distance. Come with a mask but you will also be able to purchase OSNJ logo masks if the shipment has arrived in time.  If you want to sit, please bring your own chair. There will be no bathrooms available as this is strictly an outdoor event. 


Sandor has curated the music list, which includes several opera choruses - Puccini's Humming Chorus (Madama Butterfly), Verdi's Anvil Chorus (Il Trovatore) and Va Pensiero (Nabucco), Wagner's Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin) - along with Make Our Garden Grow from Bernstein's Candide. Links to all five selections are below - there will be a few extra hard copies available just in case you can't get to a printer.


A reminder that dues for the 2020-21 season are voluntary and pay-what-you-wish. If you can make a dues donation of any amount, you may send a check to OSNJ c/o Cia Siebert, Treasurer, 113 Yantacaw Brook Road, Montclair 07043, or do a Zelle transfer online to Oratorio Society of New Jersey using Cia's email address ( And please keep spreading the word about our October 3rd streaming program!


Puccini's Humming Chorus                                          Verdi's Va Pensiero 

Verdi's Anvil Chorus                                                      Wagner's Bridal Chorus (with lyrics)

Make Our Garden Grow from Candide